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What we do...

  • We provide care for children from 3 Months - 5 Years old

  • Operating Hours:

    • Ages 17 months to 5 years old: 

      • Monday - Friday from 7:30 am to 5:45 pm​

    • Ages below 17 months:

      • Monday - Friday from 7:45am to 5:00pm​

    • Earlier drop offs and later pickups is possible.  Feel free to inquire if needed.

  • Location: 300 Pleasant Valley Way, West Orange, NJ, 07052

How it all started...

Helping Hands Childcare Center is owned by Angelo Nevado and Aimee Cabanillas.  Their journey started when their son was diagnosed with Autism. Therapy and school schedules, along with their corporate jobs were not working.  In order to give more time to their son, they started an in-home daycare with Angelo focusing on creating and growing the business.  After learning what was necessary to create a successful in-home daycare, they took a leap and created a center to cater to more children.

*Please note that Helping Hands is not a special needs daycare, but we do try to help those that we can accommodate through inclusion

Our Core Values

As the Helping Hands community grows, we will never forget the core values that has molded our strong relationships with all of our families and teachers, which are:

- pride and trust to our loving and dedicated teachers

- to teach without limiting creativity and imagination - our curriculum is our guidelines, but with proper training, we trust that our teachers will explore and enjoy the world of early education

- to create joyful memories without boundaries.  

Continued Organic Growth

Since inception, Helping Hands has grown to where it is now through word of mouth.  We enjoy our intimate private setting and our growth was slow and steady while keeping a high standard to the level of care we offer to all of our students.  Our current enrolled parents and Alumni families knows how serious we are with the care and protection of the kids and staff.  To keep it simple, we are growing because we treat everyone like family.

With our consistent growth, we have been able to constantly improve on many of our daycare attributes while holding an affordable tuition.  We are proud to mention all of our achievements below:

- Stable tuition costs that has minimally increased since inception

- High retention of many loving teachers

- Hiring of Security Guards (all are retired police officers and not just regular security personnel)

- Incorporating a music program held by: (

- Integration of a Physical Education program held by:  (

- Upgraded to Brightwheel Reporting to provide that easy and transparent parent daily reporting (

- 7000 square feet outdoor playarea which includes an area for planting and a butterfly garden !

- 500 square feet indoor playarea so our students have a place for gross motor activities / exercise when the outdoors are too cold or wet.

- Spring Planting and Field Trips, Summer Splash Play, Fall School Photos, Winter Concerts, Parent Night Outs, a brand new bouncy house in our indoor playground, and so much more to mention

- *** Latest Update *** In September 2024 we are excited to offer an Exclusive Pre-K program that will heavily compete with the WO Universal Pre-K. This "Exclusive Pre-K" classroom will have a certified teacher and will be heavily discounted (as high as 40% of our tuition for a full day schedule) to closely match the wrap-around cost of what a private provider would need to offer.  To clarify, the wrap around cost is the private services a family would need to pay for the before and after care needed if they need to drop off before 8:30 am, and need extended care between 3:30pm to 6:00pm.  Pricing can vary depending on the length of time that you have been enrolled with us.


Please feel free to inquire more on how this Exclusive HH Pre-K classroom can be a benefit to your family when your child / children becomes the age of 3 (must be the age of 3 before October / admittance to the program is on the same timing as the public school September start).  There is only one classroom to accommodate this program so there will be very limited spots.

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